Norway, 2022


9/25/20221 min read

Early september this year I flew to Norway to revisit the Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella national park, which I visited in the summer of 2018. I hoped to capture some images of muskox in the (hopefully) autumnal colored landscape. Aside from that I wanted to spend some time outdoors, wildcamping and hiking in general. I recorded a fair bit of footage, but as of the day of writing this blog, have not yet started editing said footage.

As always I departed with (unrealistically) high hopes. During the first few days I saw several groups of muskox. The weather was excellent in general terms, but for photography it was quite terrible, having mostly harsh light during the day, while I hoped for cloudy conditions. The evening light was wonderful, but finding campsites that were a safe distance from the ox, while being close enough for photography, turned out rather difficult. I did end up getting quite a few images I am happy with, although they weren't what I had in mind.

Aside from muskox, I had very few encounters. Most birds had departed from the area, and the arctic fox I hoped for, didn't happen, partially because of a different route because of safety. I did encounter a large group of reindeer, which was super cool, but the light was quite terrible, and the angles for backgrounds equally so, considering I didn't want to move to avoid disturbing the herd. I tried converting some images to black and white, which turned out pretty decent.

In the end, besides some frozen boots making for uncomfortable toilet sessions, I had a great time wildcamping out in the beautiful national park. While I didn't take a large quantity of photos, I took a couple of frames that I'm happy with. Dovrefjell is definitely worth returning to sometime, although on a future trip I'd like to combine it with other locations, possibly on a roadtrip.